I would like to share my feedback on the Shacket I bought last month. It is incredibly comfortable and has a minimal design that I loved. Moreover, it is perfect for travel due to its lightweight construction. Overall, I am highly satisfied with my purchase and would recommend OneMile shackets to others.
Akshay Dhomase
I'm really enjoying my Onemile shacket! It's versatile and comfy, perfect for dressing up or down. Plus, it's super easy to take care of! I've worn and washed it loads of times and it still looks great.
A top pick from my wardrobe, for sure! I love it.
Sanjay Sonkusle
Recently, I got a OneMile Shacket. It's incredibly light, unbelievably comfortable, and amazingly stylish all at once. As a big fan of comfort and fashion, I'm in love with it. The shopping experience was great too, with top-notch customer service. Absolutely loving my new OneMile jacket!
Monish Ambaliya
I recently shopped for OneMile look, and I couldn't be happier with my experience! The variety of styles and the quality of their products left a fantastic impression. Loved the comfort and stretch in both shacket and trousers. I am loving my new OneMile wardrobe and can't wait to shop with them again!
 Kushal Duseja
I Loved the whole look when i tried! Got so many compliments from friends & family. Overall it was great.
Gourav G
Liked the color and styling. I was looking for clean look and something which i can wear over T-shirt during office meeting and even can go out in the evening. This shacket is good to go!
Swapnil Rajendra