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Our Story

We are inspired by the People who seek a Balanced Way of Living!

OneMile is Not a Brand but it’s a passionate & sincere attempt to encourage & empower the ‘OneMile Way of Living', which has emerged as a New Age Mindset of leading a Balanced & Happy Life!!!

Our OneMilers' Way of Dressing is the desire to have a minimalist wardrobe.

We designed our clothes for EveryDay Wear, to feel Carefree & Comfortable - all day long.

Our designs are Minimal yet stylish, for all year long and for any season of the year !

We are striving to offer premium quality of clothes that are highly durable & have a long life!

We propose to have fewer garments & still have more versatility by mixing & matching them.

OneMilers are conscious of the need to be kind to the planet and all beings, to lead a balanced way of living

Our products are made from recycled materials & sourced from factories using ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes.

We have just started on this journey of infinite Miles. Our first mile collection of dressing is for the OneMiler Men, who seek Comfort Casuals with Style!

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The Caretakers

Shaleen Toshniwal

Nilesh Mehra

OneMile Core Team

We are a young start-up consisting of 7 young mindset OneMilers

We OneMilers believe that :

" It is the soul, who carries the clothes well, to make the look stylish! "