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Shacket vs. Jacket: Understanding the Key Differences

by Hemant Shah 24 Nov 2023 0 Comments

Our wardrobes would only be complete with outerwear, particularly when the temperature drops. Deciding on the appropriate piece for your collection may have introduced you to words like "jacket" and "shacket." Although both of these will keep you warm, there are important distinctions among them that go beyond basic lexicons. In this write-up, we will explore the differences between jackets and shackets to help you choose the perfect option for your comfort and style.

jacket vs shacket for men

Shacket or Jacket? Decoding Your Outerwear Option

Before we analyze the shacket or jacket, which wins over the trend and selects an ideal outer layer for you, let's dig in and get to the origins of the clothing layers and the difference between them.

The History Behind Jackets

The jacket's roots are said to have been found in the icy landscapes of prehistoric times. To protect their bodies from the cold weather, early humans created crude versions of jackets using animal hides and furs while facing harsh surroundings with limited resources. By the time we reach the Middle Ages, the jacket has changed significantly. Thoughtfulness was still crucial, and artistry started to become the spotlight. Craftspeople and tailors enhanced the design with artistic touches, such as dexterous embroidery, metallic material closures, and ornamental elements.

The jacket underwent yet another evolution as industrialization spread and social mores changed. The tailored jacket became popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, frequently combined with pants and waistcoats to produce the classic three-piece suit. The 20th century saw profound changes in society and fashion that propelled the jacket into previously uncharted artistic territories. Functionality and style were combined in everything from the iconic bomber jackets & World War II aviators.

The History Of Shackets

The 19th and early 20th centuries' workwear, military, and home wear are where the overshirt got its start. In every instance, the garment aimed to shield the civilian clothes from staining and unavoidable spills while performing the task. The blue-collar workers in 19th-century France wore boxy blue shirts over their regular work clothes. There were reasons why the industrial manufacturing workers' overshirts were blue. First off, before jeans were invented, indigo was inexpensive. Second, even when it is dirty, dark blue nevertheless appears wonderful. Put another way, the stains and dirt seemed less noticeable compared to fabric dyed in other ways.

Later, lumberjacks from North America and Canada started wearing plaid wool shirts in the fall & springtime and flannel shirts in the summertime. Firmly woven wool shirts provide better shielding from mosquitoes on chilly summer evenings. Therefore, the purpose of the shacket evolved from protecting civilian clothes or uniforms to protecting from harsh weather conditions. Eventually, shackets became widely used due to trends with military influences.

Shacket jacket men

Style & Function

Jacket: Jackets are mainly made to serve practical functions, like keeping you dry or warm during adverse conditions. They are available in many different styles, each designed for a specific purpose, such as parkas, leather jackets, bomber jackets, and more.

Shacket: Shackets combine the looks of airy jackets and shirts. They often get chosen for their style and adaptability and are usually more informal. Shackets provide extra warmth without adding the bulk of a traditional jacket touch when used as an outer layer or layered over other clothing.

Thickness & Insulation:

Jacket: Designed to offer insulation and protection from cold weather, jackets are usually more substantial and better insulated. They are available in various styles and fabrics, ranging from bulky winter coats to thin and light windbreakers.

Shacket: Unlike jackets, shackets are typically less insulated and lighter. They work well for more pleasant temperatures or as a layering piece and frequently resemble shirts or lightweight jackets. Materials like a blend of denim or additional mid-weight textiles are frequently used to make these.

The Current Trend

The rise in the popularity of shackets can be attributed largely to social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Bloggers and fashion influencers frequently display their shacket  looks, encouraging others to adopt this style.

However, this is not the only reason Shacket jackets for men are at the hot shot right now. Shackets typically appeal to a wider range of individuals due to their gender-neutral design. Shackets are a fashionable and welcoming option for a wide range of fashion tastes because they are often cut so anyone can wear them.

Moreover, the emergence of the "lumbersexual" and "workwear" trends has added to the appeal of shackets. They appeal to people who value a more genuine and rugged style because of their tough and functional appearance, which goes thoroughly alongside the aesthetics of workwear-inspired fashion.

Bottom Line

Although shackets are undoubtedly fashionable, it's important to keep in mind that a person's needs and tastes ultimately determine whether to wear a jacket or a shacket. However, if you want to elevate your fashion needs and upgrade your wardrobe with some layering collection, OneMile has covered your needs for shacket jacket mens online. Now, you can buy Shacket online in India only at OneMile.

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